“It’s my life and I’ll enjoy it.”

Weed Activists in the Path of Totality Have Big Plans for the Eclipse

The coast-to-coast solar celebration that is Monday’s total eclipse of the Sun kicks off in one of the most 420-friendly places in the country: Oregon. With over 400 marijuana shops across the state and recreational-legal status, eclipse chasers looking to get celestially high will have plenty of options. Dispensaries in Oregon are stocking up for the expected influx of a million tourists in that state alone, with special spacey strains and sales.

Once it leaves Oregon, however, the path of totality cuts through some of the strictest places in the country for cannabis legalization, and activists are seeing it as an opportunity to get their message out. Between two and seven million people are expected to flock to viewing points along the path, in what’s being called the greatest temporary mass migration of humans in US history. Many eclipse chasers will be journalists, descending with camera crews, notepads, and recorders. Advocates for weed reform aren’t letting a megaphone this size slip away. It’s not every day the national news shows up to your town.

Read more at Motherboard, here.

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