“If it’s done wrong, it can allow a malicious attacker or total jerk to take over your account… which would suck.”

Facebook’s New Security Feature Made Me Think Too Hard About Who My Real Friends Are

The biggest problem with most technological security features is the huge onus they place on the user to know what the hell they’re doing.

Facebook recently launched a security feature that spreads the responsibility of getting back into your account among a few select friends, so you can log in after losing access to your password, email, and phone number. Select at least three trustworthy people, and they’re given a URL with a code. Combine three codes correctly, and you’re allowed back in.

It’s well-documented that I can be a technological moron myself—at least when it comes to misusing well-intended security features for self-owns. This one, at first glance, seems to be another one of those cases: What if I chose unwisely? What if I don’t know my fake friends from my real friends? I’m suspicious.

Read more at Motherboard, here.


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