“Sexual speech is political speech.”

Porn Companies Tell Us Why the End of Net Neutrality Will Make Porn Boring

“Fifteen years ago, it was really difficult to find quality fetish content,” Mike Stabile, a spokesperson for the fetish-oriented website Kink.com, said in a written statement. “We were severely restricted by distributors, by billing companies, and by limitations in internet speeds. The quickening of the internet has meant that many more people have access, and can reach our content, and thus stop feeling loneliness and shame. When you slow sections of the internet, you’re telling people that some ideas and sexualities and identities are second-class, and you bring that shame back. The internet becomes The Big Vanilla.”

Alex Hawkins, a spokesperson for xHamster, said that as a user upload-driven company, where most of its content is from regular people posting their own sexual experiences, throttling internet speeds would have a “devastating effect” on users who are trying to upload as a way to connect with others.

“What people sometimes miss, especially in the United States and Western Europe, is that sexual speech is political speech. The same governments that severely restrict adult content are also the ones that limit sexual expression, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights and access to different ideas.

“Even in the US,” he added, “the same politicians who fight against adult content are the ones advocating for a limited, heteronormative version of sexuality. We make them nervous.”

Read more on Motherboard, here. 


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