“To not do it is either a sign of being unprepared or not thinking it’s important.”

Trump Is Taking Action Without Sharing Basic Information With the Public

On Friday evening, Donald Trump issued his first Executive Order as president, a move “minimizing the financial burden” of the Affordable Care Act. Nearly three days later, the text of the order hadn’t been posted to the official White House website or to the Federal Register, an official record of the actions of the executive branch and its agencies.

Other official actions that should be on the site—a transcript of Trump’s speech to the CIA, a memo issued by Reince Priebus ordering regulatory freezes, Sean Spicer’s first press briefing—have also not been posted. The only information on the “Briefing Room” section of this public resource is a transcript of Trump’s inaugural address.

“When the White House doesn’t post these things they’re failing to reach out to all Americans and give them information,” Alex Howard, Deputy Director of the open government accountability group Sunlight Foundation, told me. “They’re depending on emails to the press, and that’s simply not enough.”

Read more on Motherboard, here.


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