80s Logo Generator Guy Just Wanted to Bring Joy to This Sick, Sad World

There’s a chance you’ve seen everyone you know and follow on social media spam the hell out of your feed with variations of a generic, retro, 1980s-looking logo (which you can make for yourself here). This logo has been especially popular on Twitter, where people have used it to make random quips in chromed-out neon, computer generated writing.

If you’ve been perplexed by the sudden popularity of this thing, you’ll be pleased to know that not even the creator of theRetro Wave text generator (as the meme creation tool is officially known) can say why it’s such a viral success. The internet is weird.

Nonetheless, Motherboard recently had a Skype chat with Alexey Ivanov, the 32-year-old, Ukrainian founder of PhotoFunia—the online home of the Retro Wave text generator. We discussed the success of the meme and what nostalgia means to him. Ivanov also told some of his story up to now.

Read more on Motherboard, here.


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